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The Fusion Handrail System

Fusion - A new Concept in Stair Balustrading


Fusion is a revolutionary new stair balustrading system by Richard Burbidge Limited, produced from a combination of timber, metal and ABS plastic components.

Why revolutionary? Fusion will take around 50% less time to install and finish than traditional timber balustrading.
The method of installation is extremely straightforward, for example, a typical straight flight in timber balustrading requires approximately 125 saw cuts, Fusion requires just seven Plus due to the nature of installation, the cuts are hidden by the fixing connectors so they dont even need to be 100% accurate.

Timber elements are completely pre-finished in clear varnish, and the metal and ABS components are ready to fit.

Fusion is suitable for both new build or refurbishment projects and is approved to UK Building Regulations.

New Fusion Online Video Help Files

Fusion Handrail system















The styling of Fusion is contemporary with a simple, minimalist look.
The traditional turned newel is replaced by a shorter length of the handrail material, the rails and newels are connected using a number of alloy handrail connecting brackets, which allow almost every configuration to be created.

The balusters are tubular in Chrome or Gold effect metal or match the timber handrail with timber
balusters, pre-cut to length. The Balusters are then fixed using ABS baluster fixing brackets that cleverly flex to adapt to a range of different pitch angles.

Fusion Staircase balustrading

Fusion is available in a choice of timbers and finishes.
The 54mm round handrails and newels, and the ungrooved baserails are available in Pine, Beech, Oak and Sapele, the staircase and landing balusters come with their relevant fixing brackets in chrome or gold colours.
The connecting handrail brackets come in matching chrome or a Brushed nickel effect.

Fusion acrylic - The attractive clear panel with sleek curved corners maximises the sense of space and provides an essential safety barrier on your staircase that won’t dominate your hallway.

Available to fit both staircases and landings, the clear panel is easy to fit, using sleekly designed brackets that are simply slotted onto the hand and baserail. Plus, each panel can be cut to size to suit your individual staircase.

Fusion fittings available Fusion Acrylic Handrail Parts

The Fusion range is available now. You can find more information and photos on
Price List Updated on 24/07/2010
All Prices exclude VAT

Product Code Description SSP Our Price
Chrome Balusters complete with brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMSBSUK Fusion Chrome Staircase Baluster + Brackets £8.93 £5.16
MMLBSUK Fusion Chrome Landing Baluster + Brackets £9.32 £5.39
MMSBS10UK 10 Fusion Chrome Staircase Balusters + Brackets £71.34 £41.29
MMLBS10UK 10 Fusion Chrome Landing Balusters + Brackets £74.64 £43.19
Brushed Nickel Balusters complete with brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMSBBUK Fusion Brushed Nickel Staircase Baluster + Brackets £9.80 £5.67
MMLBBUK Fusion Brushed Nickel Landing Baluster + Brackets £10.37 £5.96
MMSBB10UK 10 Fusion Brushed Nickel Staircase Balusters + Brackets £78.40 £45.36
MMLBB10UK 10 Fusion Brushed Nickel Landing Balusters + Brackets £82.09 £47.50
  New Fusion MK2 Balusters on sale    
Chrome Connecting Brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMBCS Fusion Chrome Bottom Connector £37.34 £21.60
MMTCS Fusion Chrome Top Connector £36.56 £21.16
MMNCS Fusion Chrome Newel Base Connector £21.33 £12.34
MMLCS Fusion Chrome Landing Connector £19.50 £11.29
MMALS Fusion Chrome Adjustable Landing Connector £31.59 £18.29
MMHLS Fusion Chrome Half Landing Connector £20.65 £11.96
MMHTRS Fusion Chrome Horizontal Turn Right Hand Connector £19.50 £11.29
MMHTLS Fusion Chrome Horizontal Turn Left Hand Connector £19.50 £11.29
MMWCS Fusion Chrome Wall Connector £20.43 £11.83
MMECS Fusion Chrome End Cap £19.77 £11.46
MMICS Fusion Chrome Intermediate Connector £36.93 £21.37
Brushed Nickel Connecting Brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMBCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Bottom Connector £41.08 £23.77
MMTCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Top Connector £21.45 £23.27
MMNCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Newel Base Connector £23.48 £13.59
MMLCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Landing Connector £21.42 £12.40
MMALB Fusion Brushed Nickel Adjustable Landing Connector £34.76 £20.11
MMHLB Fusion Brushed Nickel Half Landing Connector £22.72 £13.16
MMHTRB Fusion Brushed Nickel Horizontal Turn Right Hand Connector £21.42 £12.40
MMHTLB Fusion Brushed Nickel Horizontal Turn Left Hand Connector £21.42 £12.40
MMWCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Wall Connector £22.47 £13.01
MMECB Fusion Brushed Nickel End Cap £21.77 £12.60
MMICB Fusion Brushed Nickel Intermediate Connector £40.64 £23.51
Chrome Cut String Brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMSBCS Fusion Chrome Suspended Baserail Connector £37.34 £21.60
MMINCS Fusion Chrome Intermediate Newel Connector £37.34 £21.60
Brushed Nickel Cut String Brackets (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMSBCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Suspended Baserail Connector £41.08 £23.77
MMINCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Intermediate Newel Connector £41.08 £23.77
Pine Handrails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
RHR750PF Pine 750mm Pre-Finished Handrail / Newel £27.62 £15.99
RHR2400PF Pine 2400mm Pre-Finished Handrail £61.38 £35.51
RHR3600PF Pine 3600mm Pre-Finished Handrail £92.06 £53.27
RHR4200PF Pine 4200mm Pre-Finished Handrail £107.41 £62.16
Pine Baserails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
SBR2400PF Pine 2400mm Pre-Finished Baserail £40.95 £23.70
SBR3600PF Pine 3600mm Pre-Finished Baserail £61.44 £35.56
SBR4200PF Pine 4200mm Pre-Finished Baserail £69.30 £40.10
Beech Handrails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
RHR750BF Beech 750mm Pre-Finished Handrail / Newel £42.11 £24.37
RHR2400BF Beech 2400mm Pre-Finished Handrail £106.27 £61.50
RHR3600BF Beech 3600mm Pre-Finished Handrail £161.52 £93.46
RHR4200BF Beech 4200mm Pre-Finished Handrail £188.22 £108.91
Beech Baserails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
SBR2400BF Beech 2400mm Pre-Finished Baserail £48.40 £28.00
SBR3600BF Beech 3600mm Pre-Finished Baserail £72.58 £42.00
SBR4200BF Beech 4200mm Pre-Finished Baserail £89.29 £51.67
Oak Handrails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
RHR750WO Oak 750mm Pre-Finished Handrail / Newel £66.38 £48.01
RHR2400WO Oak 2400mm Pre-Finished Handrail £144.17 £104.29
RHR3600WO Oak 3600mm Pre-Finished Handrail £230.13 £166.46
RHR4200WO Oak 4200mm Pre-Finished Handrail £313.64 £226.86
Oak Baserails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
SBR2400WO Oak 2400mm Pre-Finished Baserail £99.72 £72.13
SBR3600WO Oak 3600mm Pre-Finished Baserail £152.30 £110.16
SBR4200WO Oak 4200mm Pre-Finished Baserail £177.68 £128.51
Dark Hardwood Handrails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
RHR750QF Dark Hardwood 750mm Pre-Finished Handrail / Newel £43.72 £23.50
RHR2400QF Dark Hardwood 2400mm Pre-Finished Handrail £104.44 £60.43
RHR3600QF Dark Hardwood 3600mm Pre-Finished Handrail £156.82 £90.76
RHR4200QF Dark Hardwood 4200mm Pre-Finished Handrail £182.83 £105.80
Dark Hardwood Baserails (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
SBR2400QF Dark Hardwood 2400mm Pre-Finished Baserail £64.29 £37.20
SBR3600QF Dark Hardwood 3600mm Pre-Finished Baserail £96.45 £55.81
SBR4200QF Dark Hardwood 4200mm Pre-Finished Baserail £116.48 £67.40
Misc Fusion Walnut Rails now on sale (+ VAT) (+ VAT)
MMTK Fusion Tool Kit £26.16 £15.14
New Fusion Acrylic Parts and Prices    
New White Oak Handrail and Baserails    
Product Code Description SSP + Vat Trade + Vat
  Fusion Acrylic with Chrome Parts    
MMSPKS Fusion Acrylic Raked Staircase Kit + Chrome £121.88 £88.16
MMLPKS Fusion Acrylic Landing Kit + Crome £123.42 £89.27
MMSERS Fusion Acrylic Chrome Single Edge Staircase Moulding £26.40 £19.10
MMSELS Fusion Acrylic Chrome Single Edge Landing Moulding £26.40 £19.10
MMHSRS Fusion Acrylic Chrome H Section Staircase Moulding £34.77 £25.16
MMHSLS Fusion Acrylic Chrome H Section Landing Moulding £34.77 25.16
ILCSD Fusion Acrylic Chrome Intermediate Landing Connector £32.51 £23.51
  Fusion Acrylic with Brushed Nickel Parts    
MMSPKB Fusion Brushed Nickel Acrylic Stair INfill Panel + Brackets £121.88 £88.16
MMLPKB Fusion Brushed Nickel Arylic Landing Infill Panel + Brackets £123.42 £89.27
MMSERB Fusion Brushed Nickel Single Edge Staircase Moulding £26.40 £19.10
MMSELB Fusion Brushed Nickel Single Edge Landing Moulding £26.40 £19.10
MMHSRB Fusion Brushed Nickel H Section Staircase Moulding £34.77 £25.16
MMHSLB Fusion Brushed Nickel H Section Landing Moulding £34.77 £25.16
ILCBD Fusion Brushed Nickel Intermediate Landing Connector £34.07 24.64
  Fusion Glass    
MMGPR1 Fusion Glass Rake Panel £36.78 £26.60
MMGPR4 Pack of 4 Fusion Glass Rake Panels £141.30 £102.21
MMGPL1 Fusion Glass Landing Panel £36.78 £26.60
MMGPL4 Pack of 4 Fusion Glass Landing Panels £141.30 £102.21
MMGPSL1 Fusion Glass Small Landing Return Panel £33.00 £23.87
MMGPS2 Fusion Chrome Glass Brackets x 2 £25.17 £18.21
MMGPS8 Fusion Chrome Glass Brackets x 8 £96.38 £69.71
MMGPB2 Fusion Brushed Nickel Glass Brackets x 2 £25.17 £18.21
MMGPB8 Fusion Brushed Nickel Glass Brackets x 8 £96.38 £69.71
  Wall Handrail Parts and Kits    
MMWECS Fushion Chrome Wall Handrail End Cap £10.80 £7.81
MMWBS Fusion Chrome Wall Handrail Bracket £12.53 £9.06
MMWECB Fusion Brushed Nickel Wall Handrail End Cap £10.88 £7.87
MMWBB Fusion Brushed Nickel Wall Handrail Bracket £12.68 £9.17
KIT01 Fusion Pine Wall Handrail Kit Brushed Nickel £79.99 £135.00 £97.66
KIT02 Fusion Oak Wall Handrail Kit Brushed Nickel £109.99 £195.00 £141.06
KIT03 New Fusion Pine Wall Handrail Kit - Chrome £135.00 £97.66
KIT04 New Fusion Oak Wall Handrail Kit - Chrome £195.00 £141.06
  Tool kit    
MMTK Fusion Tool Kit £20.93 £15.14
  Fusion Export Balusters    
MMSBSE Fusion Chrome Staircase Baluster £7.29 £5.27
MMLBSE Fusion Chrome Landing Baluster £7.64 £5.51
MMSBS10E 10 Fusion Chrome Staircase Balusters £58.38 £42.20
MMLBS10E 10 Fusion Chrome Landing Balusters £61.02 £44.10
MMSBBE Fusion Brushed Nickel Staircase Baluster £8.01 £5.79
MMLBBE Fusion Brushed Nickel Landing Baluster £8.40 £6.09
MMSBB10E 10 Fusion Brushed Nickel Export Staircase Balusters £64.13 £46.40
MSLBB10E 10 Fusion Brushed Nickel Export Landing Balusters £67.23 £48.60
  Mid Newel Bases    
NB320PFS Fusion mid Newel Base Pine with Chrome £21.63 £15.66
NB320BFS Fusion mid Newel Base Beech with Chrome £26.19 £18.94
NB320PFB Fusion mid Newel Base Pine with Brushed Nickel £23.79 £17.21
NB320BFB Fusion Mid Newel Base Beech with Brushed Nickel £28.82 £20.84
  Post to Post System Parts    
MMSNB Fusion Brushed Nickel Story Newel Connector £30.30 £21.91
MMSQCB Fusion Brushed Nickel Square Newel Cap £23.21 £16.79


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Delivery Charge : - There is a delivery charge on Stairparts orders this is based on the order level, the goods in question and your location. Minimum order levels apply.

Phone us on 01952 608853 or Fax you list to us on 01952 228679.

Important note on Richard Burbidge Products
"Wherever possible Richard Burbidge Products are manufactured from solid lengths of timber. However, in some circumstances in order to enhance a products strength and/or stability or to reduce the enviromental impact of the raw material they use, it is necessary to use laminated and/or finger jointed material and whilst great care is taken to match jointed pieces some colour variation is to be expected."
"Timber is a natural material and colours may vary."
Stairplan can not offer to exchange or refund parts with colour variation.

Fusion Wall handrail Kit

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