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On this page you will find some pictures showing some of the staircases we have produced

Left - This is a Flared staircase we call this the Prescott Flared staircase. For more photo's of this staircase click here.


Oak Cut String Staircase

Oak Cut String staircase with a quarter landing and volute

This staircase is a Oak Cut String Staircase the layout of the stair would be classed as a quarter landing staircase (you can see the third tread is a level platform). The first step on this staircase is a Curtail Step - Look on Entry Steps . The detail on the handrail at the entry is called a Volute we now also produce a ascending volute. You can see some clse up images showing the cut string detail Image 1 - Image 2 .

Oak Staircases with Glass Balustrading

Oak Staircases with glass balustrade panels

We manufacture a wide range of staircases with Glass balustrades - Here you can see an Oak closed staircase with our Vision Glass Balustrading system with Brackets. We also offer the balustrade parts on there own. Vision Glass Balustrade Parts Oak SQHR Handrail, Oak SQBR Baserail, Select Oak Newel posts . The Glass Brackets are the SV-BRAC glass clamps.

Staircases with Vision Glass

The X-Vision Staircase

The X-Vision Oak staircase by stairplan

For those looking for the ultimate in oak staircases we offer the X-Vision Staircase - available to see at stairplan in Telford . High Quality EdgeLam Oak construction

External Staircases

external timber staircases

Above you can see a External Staircase we produce staircases for use outside in a Iroko Hardwood. We use Iroko on our exterior staircases due to its high resistance to rot and insect attacks. For more information click here

The Marion Staircase

The Marion staircase contemporary oak and glass with frameless gsalss balustrade marion road london

Contemporary Staircase design - Chunky Oak Treads and Risers with a cunky face string and frameless glass balustrade.
The Marion Staircase offers a quality contemorary staircase solution to compliment the modern home.

Z Form Winder Staircase

Z Form Winder Staircase in engineered Pine

This staircase is a Winder staircase in Engineered Pine it is classed as a Z Form because the staircase turns both ways (Right and then Left) The strings on this staircase are classed as closed Strings. This Staircase is going to be installed between walls.
Strings - Engineered Pine
Treads - Engineered Pine
Risers - Engineered Pine
Newel Posts - Pine
More Images - Image 1 - Image 2.

Oak Openplan Staircase - European style Handrail

Oak openplan Staircase with the European style handrail

This staircase is a Openplan staircase in Oak the style of the handrail is our European style handrail, The following pages will give you more detail - More on this staircase - Openplan Staircases. | New style European Baluster

Oak Staircase with the European Style handrail

Oak Straight staircase with the European style handrail

This is a closed staircase again in Oak with the European style handrail for more information click here | New Style european Baluster
This Premium Oak Staircase has 40mm Oak Stair Strings | 40mm Oak Stair Treads and 18mm Oak Stair Risers. The Handrail is Stairplan's European Handrail System with Stainless Steel Staircase Balusters.

All of our staircases are pre-assembled prior to dispatch to ensure quality at all times.

All staircases are assembled as far as possible for delivery and installation unless ordered flat-pack.

The Washington Staircase

The Washington staircase with the ascending volute

The Washington staircase - White with dark hardwood Treads and Handrail - Washington twist spindles. Ascending Volute handrail detail


How to get a quick quote ?

If you can identify a staircase that is similar to what you are looking for from our online library of staircase plans we can give you a price over the phone based on that particular staircase layout and the material specification you require.
Staircase Plans.

Standard Staircases

Standard Staircases manufacturer Standard Straight Staircases 3 Sizes available
Straight Staircases are also available to order online through our online store you can select your floor to floor height and the width required we have a number of specifications to choose from .

We also supply Standard staircases and Straight staircases - You can also order these online. To order a made to measure straight staircase online simply select the total rise height required and the width you want the staircase. Online Shop.

Individual Staircases

Flared Staircases in oakFlared staircase sections with wreathed handrail, strings and baserail

Wreathed (Curved sections whilst climbing) sections are very complex to produce we use the latest in 5 axis cnc machinery and specilised staircase software to produce our components this allows each component to be cut to the exact size straight off the cnc machine , we now have 4 5 axis cnc routers

the staircase on the left was part of a double turn staircase and flaring the entry gave the staircase more presence in the hallway awaiting photos of this staircase following the installation.

Wreathed String Staircase


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