Hand-rail bolts from Stairplan staircase Manufacturers

Handrail Bolts

handrail bolts handrail connection

Handrail fixing Bolt

Handrail bolts available in lengths from 60 to 120mm

Order handrail bolts Online

The RBS Handrail bolt comes with a bespoke slotted nut , this makes the installation easier.

Handrail bolts can be ordered online through our online store.

Order Handrail Bolts Online

The benefit of the longer bolts we offer is you are left with a stronger connection because more timber is left
between the bolt hole and the end of the handrail.

handrail bolt complete with slotted nutRBS Handrail bolt with slotted nut.

Stelten fixings

IHandrail fixings stelten from stairplan

Stairplan's Recommendation - if your looking for a quick and reliable fixing method look at the Stelten fixing.


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