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When assembling your spiral staircase remember at all times that you are assembling a prefinished product and extra care should be taken to avoid damaging this finish. All finishes are carefully checked before leaving the factory and are desgined to withstand all types of normal Use however it is possible to damage these with sharp tools.

You will need:
Drill & drill bits
Calipers or a steel ruler
Phillips screwdriver or power driver
Allen keys
Spirit level
32mm socket

Each staircase is supplied with an installation video free of charge. This will give you valuable help in installing the staircase.

Spiral Staircase Centre Pole

The Centre Pole comes in sections that are threaded to screw together.

Assemble the post as shown, screwing the 3 elements firmly together (Fig.1). A pin can be used as a lever in the holes provided in the pipes. The top post will have the captive nut at its upper end. Position the post so that the landing platform is firmly up against the well opening and the post is perfectly vertical (Fig.2) and centred Within the opening. The easiest way to achieve this is to temporarily fit the landing platform with a spacer to the post. This can be held temporarily in position with a length of tape wound
around the post to support the spacer.

Make sure the pole is level Mark ready for drilling
Mark the 3 points on the floor where the post will be screwed into position.
Where the bottom of the post is being screwed to a suspended timber floor it may be necessary to add noggins between the joists if the floorboards are not strong enough to support the staircase.
Fix the post to the floor using the sleeve bolts for concrete or the coach screws for timber floors (Fig .3). Cover the fixing plate with the
cover plate provided,

The rise of the idividual treads Is regulated using the adjustable spacers.
Using the individual rise worked out earlier use (Fig.4) above, to adjust the spacers.
Brio: Individual Rise - 170mm = Adjustment Figure
Recant: Individual Rise - 160mm = Adjustment Figure
Adjust each spacer carefully by turning the spacer ring and using a caliper or
steel ruler to accurately set the rise These can be adjusted later if they are found to be slightly out

Adjustable rise

Gamia Metal Gamia Wood

Begin to assemble the treads alternately with the spacers in the
sequence shown (Fig.5 - Fig6).

Note that the Recanto has an extra steel spacing tube and a large ring washer .Carry on until ail treads and the landing platform are in position.

Fixing the Landing

Fix the landing platform to the well opening using the bolts/coach screws provided and timber bracket covers for the Recanto .

Final Post section

Complete the centre post by screwing the threaded bar into the captive nut in the centre post for few turns (Fig.8).
Place the final post over this bar and screw on the nut.
Tighten the nut/bar assembly until the staircase is firmly compressed but the steps can still rotate about the centre post. Check that the landing platform is level. If not you may need to re-adjust the spacers slightly

The next step is to fit the balustrading to the staircase. You will note that the balusters are supplied in either 3 or 4 different lengths
dependent on the diameter of the staircase you are installing. This is intended to remove the need to cut the balusters wherever possible. However, there are some rises where the balusters will need to he trimmed with a hacksaw.

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Gamia Spiral Staricases

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