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Wooden Staircases

Wooden Staircase Manufacturers

Stairplan are leaders in the manufacture of quality wooden staircases, we offer use the latest in staircase design software and CNC technology to assist our craftsmen in the production of Made to Measure wooden Staircases.

Pine Cut String Staircase

Pine Cut String Winder Staircase

This staircase is a Pine Cut String Staircase the layout of the stair would be classed as a winder staircase . The first step on this staircase is a Curtail Step - Look on Entry Steps . The detail on the handrail at the entry is called a Volute we now also produce a ascending volute. You can see some clse up images showing the cut string detail Image 1 - Image 2 .

Winder Staircase

Winder Staricases

This staircase is a Winder staircase in Engineered PineThe strings on this staircase are classed as closed Strings. This Staircase is going to be installed between walls.
Strings - Engineered Pine
Treads - Engineered Pine
Risers - Plywood
Newel Posts - Pine

S9W3N Winder Staircases are available to order online through our Online Stores Try - S9W3N Winder Staircases Lefthand - Righthand

All of our staircases are pre-assembled prior to dispatch to ensure quality at all times.

All staircases are assembled as far as possible for delivery and installation unless ordered flat-pack.


How to get a quick quote ?

If you can identify a staircase that is similar to what you are looking for from our online library of staircase plans we can give you a price over the phone based on that particular staircase layout and the material specification you require.
Staircase Plans.

Standard Staircases

Standard Staircases

We also supply Standard staircases and Straight staircases - You can also order these online. To order a made to measure straight staircase online simply select the total rise height required and the width you want the staircase. Standard staircase online order .
Straight Staircases are available to Order online through our online stores try
- - Straight Staircases No Handrail | Straight Staircases With Handrail | Flatpack Straight Staircases | Short Stair Runs | Straight Oak Staircases |
- - Straight Staircases With Handrail ( This site offers a wider selection of Handrail Options)

Contemporary Stop Chamfered

Contemporary Stop Chamfered Style staircases.

Oak Staircase with a Volute handrail detailLeft - Oak Cut string staircase with a Ascending Volute handrail detail the entry step is a single curtail entry step the spindles are a bespoke spindle we call these the Deena Spindle

The detail on the face string is known as a Cut String Detail this offers a more traditional style and quality to the staircase.

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