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Individual staircases

At Stairplan we also manufacture staircases with a greater feeling of Individuality on this staircase the balustrading is a bespoke system we have called the Birgit system.

Whilst this system offers a contemporary feel with the clean lines offered by the straight turned spindles and the adjustable metal fixings it also offers greater quality over the mass produced contemporary balustrading systems like the Fusion and Axxys handrail systems.

On this staircase we have used Ash

Strings - Ash
Treads - Engineered Pine
Risers - Plywood
Newel Posts - Ash
Handrail - Ash
Spindles - Ash
Baluster Fixings - Birgit Fixings

We offer Ash staircases the price of our Ash staircases is similar to the Oak staircases we offer .

Nationwide deliveries - We deliver all over the mainland UK.

Birgit Staircase

The Birgit staircase above is a Double winder staircase with a Bullnose entry step at the bottom.

Entry Steps

Ash Staircases

This staircase below is a Ash Cut string staircase the staircase went up in the middle of a large hallway so you can see the strings on both sides have a Cut string Detail.

Ash Cut String Staircase

On the picture below you can see the scotia detail below the tread on a typical cut string detail.
the detail on this staircase is called a Cut and bracketed Cut String detail.

Scotia detail on Cut string staircases

On this staircase we made panelling for the underside of the staircase - Please note this is expensive and we only get involved with panelling on Bespoke High Specification staircases.

Panelling in ash

Staircase Assembly

Our new assembly workshop now allows us to assemble multiple staircases at the same time.

New assembly workshop unit C3

Staircases being assembled

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